PALLET HOWSE is a concepts from us, to ease House Owners burden & hassle with Quality Design.

Our Mission :  to provide Fit-your-budget Home Makeover services in Trendy Design & Practical way.  We believe Young Homeowner deserve a quality living too, and we are passionate in converting your house into a cozy living.

Our Design & Build Services: Wet Work, Tiling, Water Proofing, Plaster Ceiling, Partitioning, Flooring, Concrete Work, M&E Works, Network Wiring, Carpentry, Wall Covering, Metal Works, Curtains & Blinds, Smart Home System, Loose Furniture.


Knowing the Purpose of the Property going to do with able to help in Deciding the Furnishing & Budget needed.

Our Experienced Interior Designers will work out a Concept Planning & Quotation for Our Clients.

Begin the Renovation

Upon agreeing the Concept planning & Quotation, We may start the Journey.

Order > Production > Installation

Our Site Supervisor Monitor and update the Progress Schedule Time to Time.


We understand Time is precious. Upon agreement, we follow closely with the Schedule planned.

We will keep our Speed on the Line, Depending the Volume of Works involved to decide the Schedule.

ready to move in!

Our Panel Agency will start Listing the Want to Rent out Unit to the Audience Channels when the Renovation begin.

On the Day the Unit Completed & Cleaned, our Professional Photographer will conduct a shooting for the unit for Advertising & Keeping Too!